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Thinking of buying a business? Browse through our assortment of Franchise Opportunities. When selecting a franchise, you wish to locate a company which produces services and quality products for customers.

Some factors to consider when choosing a franchise are the total amount of time, capital requirements, business financing trends and the first investment it takes to receive your business up and running.

Top 60+ Franchise Opportunities 

You will find Lots of Franchise Opportunities that are quite easy to enter. A few, however, are capital intensive, but in the event that your marketplace is correctly defined by you and choose highly products, you won’t have to fight much.

Here are some 20 Franchise Opportunities can allow the small business idea that is perfect to be decided by you.

1. McDonald’s

Franchise Cost: $45,000

Initial Investment: $1,008,000 to $2,214,080

Franchise Details: McDonald’s

If you want Golden arches of your own, you’ll need to put in a hefty investment. But with that investment, you get years of expertise in the food industry, popularity, and brand recognition.

2. 7-Eleven

Franchise Cost: $10,000 to $1,000,000

Initial Investment: $37,550 to $1,149,900

Franchise Details: 7-Eleven

Since the #1 Convenience shop, 7-Eleven is seeing unprecedented growth. Its stores are turnkey and also you can get started within three to six weeks, including testing application, and training.

3. Dunkin’

Franchise Fee: $40,000 to $90,000

Initial Investment: $228,620 to $1,691,200

Franchise Details: Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Dropped the”Donuts” out of its name, but this business is as recognizable as with locations in 32 countries. Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Indicator rated it 1 in customer loyalty.

And they encourage their franchisees with site selection, construction, operations, management, and promotion.

4. The UPS Store

Franchise Fee: $29,950

Initial Investment: $177,955 to $402,595

Franchise Details: The UPS Store

The UPS Store Is the top-ranked franchise in the company services industry. It boasts financial stability, brand recognition, and dedicated training and support — and 84 percent of those U.S. population lives within 10 kilometers of a The UPS Store.

5. RE/MAX – Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Cost: $15,000 to $32,000

First Investment: $37,500 to $225,000

Franchise Details: RE/MAX

Over its 40 Years of business, RE/MAX has grown to over 100,000 representatives in nearly 100 countries. It is a brand with strong advertising strategies, an international presence, and well-developed core philosophies. one of the best Franchise Opportunities

6. Sonic Drive-In

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Initial Investment: $1,073,000 to $2,361,500

Franchise Details: Sonic Drive-In

This Drive-in chain prides itself in operational excellence and its customer services. This brand keeps growing its franchise owners saw the average gross sales-by-store rise from $1,072,000 in 2012 to $1,252,000 in 2017.

7. Great Clips

Franchise Cost: $20,000

Initial Investment: $136,900 to $258,250

Franchise Details: Amazing Clips

Good Clips Has been in business for 30 years and gives training and technologies to its franchise owners. It has invested heavily in market research to supply the best service and expertise to customers.

8. Taco Bell

Franchise Cost: $25,000 to $45,000

First Investment: $525,100 to $2,622,400

Franchise Details: Taco Bell

This fast Service restaurant brand has existed for 50 decades and developed fiscal stability and brand recognition. It has a proven operating system and provides you access to restaurant tools and a community of over 350 franchisees that know the business.

9. Hardee’s Restaurants

Franchise Cost: $25,000 to $35,000

Initial Investment: $1,431,500 to $1,949,000

Franchise Details: Hardee’s Restaurants

Hardee’s is A subsidiary of publicly traded firm CKE Restaurants, Inc., and it is one of America’s highest burger brands. It offers classroom and on-the-job coaching, in addition to assistance with advertisements, social networking, SEO, website development, email marketing, and loyalty programs.

10. Sport Clips – Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Cost: $25,000 to $59,500

Initial Investment: $189,300 to $354,500

Franchise Details: Sport Clips

Sport Clips Is growing and showing its strength and stability — it has a high continuity speed of 97.6% over the previous five decades. This means that out of all of the stores that started during the previous five decades, over 97.6% are open now.

It attributes this stability to comparatively lower startup costs, a good support system, and constant observation of store performance. one of the best Franchise Opportunities

11. Cruise Planners

Franchise Fee: $495 to $10,495

First Investment: $2,095 to $22,867

Franchise Details: Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is a cruise planning agency. It is homemade, so you don’t have to factor in the price of real estate. Prior experience in travel preparation isn’t required, and the provider offers comprehensive training.

12. SuperGlass Windshield Repair

Franchise Fee: $9,500 to $28,500

First Investment: $9,910 to $31,000

Franchise Details: Superglass Windshield Repair

SuperGlass Windshield Fix has been working for 30 decades and specializes in the repair of stone cracked and damaged windshields. Overhead costs can be kept low as a result of the mobile choice — a physical shop location is not required.


Franchise Fee: $2,520 to $44,000

First Investment: $3,985 to $51,605

Franchise Details: JAN-PRO

JAN-PRO is a Commercial cleaning franchise whose clientele is other companies. They provide three choices for franchising: international master franchise, executive company, and home-based opportunities.

14. Jazzercise

Franchise Fee: $1,250

Initial Investment: $3,530 to $12,900

Franchise Details: Jazzercise

If you’re Looking to start a low-investment, exercise company a Jazzercise franchise may be a good match for you. It offers various price points to commence a franchise and you’re able to locate the one that aligns with your financial plan.

15. Fantasy Vacations- Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Cost: $495 to $9,800

First Investment: $3,245 to $21,850

Franchise Details: Fantasy Vacations

Fantasy Vacations is a home travel service franchise with no overhead or stock. It’s a great option for specialists and offers investment rates. one of the best Franchise Opportunities

16. Pool Players

Investment Cost: $20,000 To $29,000

Franchise Fee: $10,000 to $14,000 according to the popularity of the Territory (one-time fee)

Royalty Fee: 20% of the weekly charges

Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart went from travel the country enjoying To building a business empire pool tournaments. They saw a lack of uniformity in the rules of swimming but lots of individuals were curious about the game.

After leading the unglamorous lifestyle of extensive travel, the idea of the American Poolplayers Association (APA) emerged. In 1979, the organization was began by them, and in 1981, the first APA National Championship has been conducted.

To build the leagues, the founders realized the requirement for Hence, They started franchising in 1981.

Then APA is a great opportunity, if you’re into sports and recreation To become a league operator because of the 250,000 members.

APA kicks-off with a coaching seminar. They provide you Support and assist with advertising in the shape of templates to launch the advertising and PR campaigns.

You’re also connected with the other franchise owners for networking opportunities and chances to hear about what’s working well everywhere.

17. Jani-King

Total Investment Cost (includes initial franchise fee, finder’s fee, Equipment, and supplies): $14,500 to $33,850 (and $2,750 for each extra amount of Plan E)

Have you got an insane attention to detail? Then, you might be the perfect candidate to apply for a franchise company and extend commercial cleaning services. The business was started in 1969 and initiated the business model for janitorial services.

Consider it: Every business needs cleaning Likely why Jani-King has been so successful over the years.

Jani-King has a reputation in the cleaning business and a proven business model. What’s more, it offers support for franchisees across its 120 regional offices spread across 14 nations.

Once the franchise agreement is signed by you, you are briefed with first Training on how to wash commercial areas properly, such as restrooms, offices areas, and the like.

You also get a fixed dollar amount of company as an initial jump-start, which may be a enormous help when you are just getting started. In addition to that, you also get ongoing operational support, added account prep, and administrative assistance (like sourcing new equipment and client billing).

Cleaning likely isn’t one of your core if you’re anything like me Competencies, but for a few (special shoutout to the Marie Kondo lovers of the world!) , this franchise company is the opportunity to acquire the satisfaction of seeing a distance transformed.

The Industrial cleaning, No matter your level of personal attention Industry provides consistent growth, and the nature of business will give you the freedom to set your own agenda while handling workers or friends who wish to pick up a small amount of extra unwanted income by being on your own crew.

18. Tutu School

First Investment Price: $66,800 To $133,700

Franchise Fee: $36,000 (one-time fee)

Fees: 5% of gross Monthly revenue

Wish there were more activities life? If so, Tutu School offers you a chance to devote considerable time teaching ballet to children between the ages of 18 months to eight years.

Creator Genevieve Weeks trained extensively in ballet and worked as an independent artist before she began Tutu School to observe what she loved the most about ballet–and bring it into an age group that is typically left out at the dance school circuit.

Tutu School’s assignment will be to expose kids to pursuits And movement, and use classical music to nurture their imaginations. You’ll get support software that is purposeful to run the business’ backend, and plenty of marketing tools.

Tutu School doesn’t expect franchise company owners to have extensive Dance expertise, but to at least have a”deep appreciation” for dancing. If you don’t like being a part of the twirling community ut School won’t be the ideal franchise business for you.

19. Weddings + Events that are complete

First Investment Cost: $30,000 To $60,000 according to the population in your land (includes the essential equipment for your first year and $5,000 in a working account)

Do you love throwing parties? Then, Complete Weddings + Events gives You the opportunity to begin your occasions franchise company for an affordable price. The company has been coordinating parties and supplying music, photography/videography, light, and photo booth services since 1973.

In 1983, Complete started its first franchise business, so they’ve been around the block with this business model. You’ll receive an owner’s instruction session After your new franchise is approved.

You get access to tools security, a habit Software solution provided by Complete, along with other ongoing support to help grow your regional footprint. Webinars will be included by your continuing training with industry experts that talk about the wedding business.

If you enjoy working ON your business and bringing people together, Focusing on management and selling, then you will like owning a Weddings + Events franchise. In fact, you are able to hire contractors to help with a lot of the services you’re offering.

20. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors- Franchise Opportunities

Investment Cost: $36,350

Franchise Fee: $21,900

Royalty Fee: 7% of gross earnings

Brand fund (for advertisements ): 4% of gross earnings

As the largest home inspection firm Is a dependable, low-risk franchise business that helps home buyers and real estate professionals alike, the long list of reviews that need to be conducted prior to a real estate transaction can happen.

With low overhead expenses, this franchise can be started by you and help facilitate homeownership decisions that are informed in your local community.

Later he found a home, Mike Brewer founded in 1993 the company In serving his demands inspection badly deficient. So Brewer decided to change how things were done.

The Business relies on its franchise partners to deliver a Fantastic Pillar To Post brand experience. It has a group of 30 people that aid franchise business owners to cultivate their practice.

As a franchisee, you’ll receive their proprietary technology which makes Inspections easier. You receive marketing help to discover clients that are local, and access to seasoned regional small business coaches for extra training.

If you want to build a business that’s rewarding and offers A flexible program , then starting a Pillar may be a fantastic move. one of the best Franchise Opportunities

Best Franchise Opportunities

Perhaps You’ve even considered possessing and purchasing one yourself. However, which franchises are best suited for your budget and skill set? I have compiled a list of the Best Franchise Opportunities to select from.

1. Wingstop

The profits Of the chips, chips, sauces and cakes restaurant string Wingstop have increased by a huge 1000 basis points this season as a result of a 23% reduction in the price of the wholesale inventory in conjunction with an average 4.4% rise in earnings for its next quarter of 2018. There has never been a better time.

2. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

America’s Most profitable franchise handling air conditioning and heating maintenance One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating requires an initial investment of just $88k, making it an excellent chance for individual plumbers to expand the reputable brand’s 300-plus franchises.

3. Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision centers where professional optometrists are used had an average earnings of $1.28m in 2017, with over $1m of the generated through retail sales of eyewear and related products.

4. Miracle-Ear

Running on A similar version to the Pearle Vision center, this hearing-aid manufacturer has more than 1,330 franchise stores in the United States, offering tests and consultations in addition to selling hearing-aid products. The least expensive initial investment costs $119k.

5. Jersey Mike’s Subs- Best Franchise Opportunities

With no doubt among the most profitable franchises is Jersey Mike’s Subs, together with the firm named the USA’s fastest-growing franchise in 2016, using the amount of franchises having doubled in a decade. Best Franchise Opportunities

6. Orangetheory Fitness

This 8-year old gym franchise Orangetheory Fitness, where members use heart monitors with their heart rates appearing on a display, has grown to about 600 franchises in the United States alone.

7. Mosquito Joe

An even Younger franchise is this mosquito-control firm, Mosquito Joe, which was founded in 2013 but has over 200 franchises already. Initial investment costs are between $130k and $90k.

8. Krispy Kreme

The favorite Doughnut company Krispy Kreme has been franchising since 1947 and using a lesser initial franchise fee of around $275k, makes a fantastic franchise investment opportunity.

9. Hampton by Hilton Hotels

A Hampton by Hilton Hotels franchise may scare off many investors as it needs a huge initial investment of between $7m and $18m. However, profitable returns make it more than worthwhile for people who can rustle up that sort of money.

10. Firehouse Subs- Best Franchise Opportunities

The Fire-fighter-themed restaurant Firehouse Subs is among the most profitable franchises with over 1000 stores in the USA combining for sales of over $715m throughout 2017. Best Franchise Opportunities

11. Blue Coast Savings Consultants

Part-time Consulting with time results that are full! Pre-Set, Face-to-Face Appointments Provided! Work from house, providing the largest portfolio of savings services available. Blue Coast is the opportunity at the ideal time.

$ 20,000 Min. Cash Required

12. Supercuts

Supercuts is A simple and reasonably priced haircut business model, which offers franchises for first investment prices of about $144k and is expanding its franchise total by 10 percent every year.

13. N-Hance

N-Hance is Dominating a profitable segment of the $450 billion home-improvement industry. Homeowners love our solutions to their own kitchen needs. N-Hance is actively searching for enthusiastic professionals who wish to build a bright future of their own making with one of the brightest brands in the franchise market.

$ 30,000 Min. Cash Required

14. Massage Envy

The Luxurious massage franchise Massage Envy maintains excellent profit margins because of an innovative, membership-based approach which ensures a recurring revenue stream with its own franchises boasting a 99% success rate.

15. Hardee’s- Best Franchise Opportunities

Investing in A Hardee’s fast food restaurant is pricey at approximately $1.5m, however it remains an attractive proposition as the joint franchises are estimated to make a revenue of $44.7m each year. Best Franchise Opportunities

16. Sports Thread

Join the Sports Thread team & be a part of the fastest growing social networking & self-promotion platform for youth & high school athletes. This reasonably priced turnkey operation enables you to immediately benefit from 2.5 million dollars of research & development, letting you create financial freedom. Coaching on a step by step plan & ongoing support.

$ 20,000 Min. Cash Required

17. Always Faithful Dog Training

Love dogs? Our dog training franchise might be an ideal fit for you personally, if so! You’ll be trained with the best and have a house office, you get to set your own schedule and do work that you will enjoy! Low startup cost, and we can begin your company!

$ 40,000 Min. Cash Required

18. Ace Hardware Corporation

The world ‘s Biggest retailer-owned hardware cooperative franchise is America’s Ace Hardware Corporation, whose fourth-quarter earnings in 2017 reached $1.32b, a rise of $84m from the fourth quarter of 2016.

19. The UPS Store

It’s clear To see why UPS Store franchises are very popular with over 5,000 independently-owned locations opening up in North America because UPS re-branded Mail Box Etc in 2003.

20. Anytime Fitness Franchises- Best Franchise Opportunities

Day by day Fitness is a thing in life, therefore a franchise is among the greatest choices for Fitness. Anytime Fitness Franchise Opportunities system is made up of Fitness centers providing easy access to one on one and large or small group coaching.

Anytime Fitness franchise gives center is expressed by the opportunity to open a more Franchise Opportunities that is limited. Best Franchise Opportunities

The Franchise has developed accessibility and security allow Fitness penis to access any center of Anytime Fitness center fo 24-Hour a day. Additionally, it provides automatic training, vending solutions, and benefits that are mutual. In cases, centers aren’t permitted to reachable fo each day.

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities; Many people Have dreams of becoming a business owner, but are not certain where to start.

In case you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t necessarily want to start a company from the ground up, looking into Low Price Franchise Opportunities worth considering.

1. My Business Venture

My Business Venture provides you the capability to start an online business from your home’s comfort, featuring over 15K top selling goods & mark-ups of up to 200 percent on every sale! MBV’s 10% Price Guarantee on all items on your site ensures you will remain rewarding & NEVER be undersold! FREE delivery on ALL items arranged through your website!

$ 3,995 Min. Cash Required

2. Andy OnCall

ANDY OnCall Is an inexpensive, manageable Franchise Opportunities at the home repair business. We are service. Flexible work hours & a revenue with Andy OnCall!

$ 23,150 Min. Cash Required

3. Healthy YOU Vending

Join the Vending revolution with YOU Vending! We have helped thousands of operators place themselves in their markets as vending professionals within this thrilling $43+ Billion dollar market. The demand for food choices that are healthy is currently exploding. We can help protect your locations. Do not miss this chance!

$ 30,000 Min. Cash Required

4. Commercial Capital Training Group

Own your own Finance company! As a full-service commercial finance company, you can offer business loans from $5,000 to over $500,000,000 to any company, along with supplying over 20 different types of commercial loans. We offer proprietary marketing tools, instruction support, and creditors to deal with directly.

$ 20,000 Min. Cash Required

5. Tread Link – Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

Tread Connection is the leader in wheel and tire services. We offer service and customer convenience unmatched in the automotive sector of today. If you’ve got the drive to grow your own business, here is the opportunity to become an industry changer by Dealing with Tread Connection! one of the Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

6. Bitcoin ATM

Begin your Now, Bitcoin ATM firm! Get in on the ground floor of this bitcoin ATM market that is exploding with no knowledge or expertise. Now learn more about the costs, benefits, facts and locations that are accessible!

$ 40,000 Min. Cash Required

7. Healthier4U Vending

Are you Enthusiastic about owning your own business? Are you really interested in providing people the option? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the correct partner to build a more successful healthy company to you. In Healthier Vending your enthusiasm is shared by us and want you to join us to provide the decision.

$ 30,000 Min. Cash Required

8. Beautifully Exotic – Medical Spa Equipment

Beautifully Passive places machines in salons and spas. All you do is collect your weekly attention. No Inventory. No Revenue. No Cold Calling. No Hassle. Just income. Now Find out more about the costs, benefits, and places that are accessible!

$ 30,000 Min. Cash Required

9. Blue Moon Estate Sales

Stuck at a Job grind? Want to be your own boss in a industry that is dynamic? Seeking to join a franchise opportunity? Well, it’s time to have a closer look. Find out More about Moon Estate Sales now!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

10. The Grounds Guys- Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

The Grounds Men provides landscape management, grounds and lawn maintenance, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and snow and ice removal services for both residential and business customers.

Request more information today to learn about our high success rate! Funding aid available to qualified buyers. one of the Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

$ 20,000 Min. Cash Required

11. Midas

Become a Midas automotive entrepreneur proprietor in under 90 days! We have new incentive packages for many Franchise Opportunities from new to present owners. It’s a excellent time to have your own Midas- Come join the Midas family today!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

11. PuroClean

PuroClean … A Low-Risk, High-Reward Franchise BrandNew. Called the”Paramedics of Property Damage®”, PuroClean provides fire and smoke damage remediation, water damage remediation, flood water removal, mold removal, and biohazard cleanup to commercial and residential clients. Learn more now!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

12. Liberty Tax Service

Liberty Tax Service is a retail income tax preparation firm serving the U.S. and Canada. We’re the fastest-growing global firm of its type. Work hard for only 4 weeks from the year, and set your personal schedule!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

13. Slip Doctors

SlipDoctors offers a high-margin floor security business opportunity offering program services with our merchandise designed to improve traction. No admin needed. Packages include sales tools, training and direct generation help to jumpstart your business.

$ 10,000 Min. Cash Required

14. Apex Direction – School Fundraising

As an Apex Leadership Co. franchise operator, you’ll be in charge of your own fate. You may make a massive impact in clubs your regional colleges and youth by using our fundraising Franchise Opportunities program that is sophisticated serving organizations. Learn about the costs, benefits, and locations that are available today!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

15. Social Indoor – Digital Advertising

Social Indoor is an advertising firm that concentrates primarily in restrooms of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, breweries, community centers, gyms, stadiums.

We are eager to take our electronic & print concept & provide is among the most unique & exciting business opportunities available now. Learn more today!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

16. All Tune and Lube- Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

Come join The automobile care industry together with your own All Tune & Lube Franchise Opportunities! When you partner with us you will receive the benefit of ongoing training, site selection assistance, our proven business model and service, marketing strategies, and much more! Do not wait- contact us today! one of the Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

$ 25,000 Min. Cash Required

17. Gotcha Covered

Look around And you’ll see windows. Business & every home has. If you’re looking for an affordable Franchise Opportunities that offers serious income potential and a lifestyle that is great, Gotcha Covered could be your alternative. Industry experience not as comprehensive training support are provided required.

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

18. Home Management Inc.

For those Whose fantasy is to be their own boss, Property Management Inc. is the perfect way to own your very own profitable and successful organization. You will provide the dollar property market with solutions. Learn and become your own boss today!

$ 50,000 Min. Cash Required

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19. Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus supplies an assortment of products to help Americans aged 65+ and people with disabilities. The amount of Americans aged 65+ is set to double by 2030 and there are 17.1 million Americans that have trouble walking and digging stairs. Take advantage of this franchise opportunity in a critical and growing industry.

$ 40,000 Min. Cash Required

20. The Hood Guyz- Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

If you are Looking for a cleaning business that offers a service that firms need in good times or bad, then explore this Commercial Hood Exhaust Cleaning firm today. one of the Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

$ 40,000 Min. Cash Required